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The Berlin-based illustrator

Vanessa Gärtner is a successful illustrator who expresses her creativity and artistic vision in a variety of projects and media. One of her favourite projects is designing books and magazines. Experimenting with acrylics, watercolours, coloured pencils, fineliners, paper cuts, overlays, collages and gluing techniques, she carefully selects the one that best suits the story or project.

Working closely with authors, Vanessa ensures that each illustration exudes the desired mood and atmosphere. She pays great attention to detail and quality to convey the meaning and depth of the written word. Her illustrations can stand on their own alongside the text and enrich the reading experience.

In addition to her work as an illustrator, Vanessa also offers workshops for institutions in the field of cultural education and art education. With many years of experience, she helps participants to build their creativity and confidence by exploring new techniques and approaches to illustration and developing themselves in a supportive environment.

Are you a publisher, publishing a magazine or do you need a suitable visualisation for your project proposals and you are looking for an illustrator who captures the essence of your story? Or would you like to plan a workshop in the field of cultural education and art education with an experienced and inspiring course leader? Then book Vanessa Gärtner now for the implementation of your ideas!

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The older we get, the more we disappear from society. Our own strength diminishes and we can no longer participate in the fast-paced everyday life of the younger ones, perhaps we become lonely. Extended families and their bond with their elders are the exception. Life is reduced to the four walls of your own home or a room in a nursing home.



A choral theatre experience that produced a wealth of material during its creation, but which did not emerge in the staged script: stories, poems, diary entries and commentaries which, in a whimsical and lucid way, simultaneously provide insights into the opinions and attitudes of real people and theatre characters, both amusing and sad.


A choral theatre spectacle in whose development process a great deal of material emerged that did not, however, appear in the staged manuscript: stories, poems, diary entries and comments that provide information about the opinions and attitudes of real people and theatre characters in a whimsical and clear, funny and sad way at the same time. A narrative cosmos that wanted to be illustrated!

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